Tips for Building a Professional Portfolio

In most careers, creating a body of work is important whether it consists of research, reports, projects, or even your social media stream. Especially in a creative field, it is important to have a polished portfolio to showcase what you know how to do and what you are good at.


During College: Prepare For Your Career

They say college is the best four years of your life. While that may be true, there is a lot more to your undergrad than sleeping through 9am classes and attending a Friday night party (or any other night of the week for that matter). College is about earning your degree but it is also about putting in the time to learn and advance yourself in your career.

Creating A Killer Resume

So you’ve finished school…now what? Travel for a bit, go on to grad school, or start the ever nebulous job hunt. Now, that may seem terribly daunting, but if you’re prepared finding that perfect position isn’t impossible. First things first, you need a great resume.