#GirlBoss Podcasts You Need To Hear

I have been obsessed with podcasts for the better part of a year or so. It started with Serial (as it does for most people) and then after reading the book #GirlBoss I jumped into the GirlBoss Radio podcast (which just launched their second season this week).

From there I fell hard and fast down the rabbit whole of podcasts, but not just any kind of podcasts. The ones that keep my attention are full of advice and inspiration from people doing amazing things and it took me a while to find a whole bunch that I really loved. So, I thought it was only fair to share a handful of them. I won’t say too much on what I like and don’t like about each of these podcasts because everyone has their own preference of editing style, energy, accent, and so on. But each one are from and/or feature creatives, writers, entrepreneurs, influencers and more. Many episodes are interview style but quite a few are solely narrative. All of which have really impacted me in one way or another. Go ahead and check them out. Give them each an episode or two and let me know if there are any podcasts you love that I missed!


(These are in no particular order)


Youpreneur FM with Chris Ducker

Unmistakable Creative

Unmistakable Creative


Raise Your Hand and Say Yes with Tiffany Han

On Brand Podcast

On Brand

Natalie Sisson's Quest for Freedom

Natalie Sisson’s Quest for Freedom

make it happen

Make It Happen: A podcast by Jen Carrington

how i built this

How I built This with Guy Raz

girlboss radio

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amaruso


A Better Life w/ Rachel Rofe

being boss

Being Boss: A podcast for creative entrepreneurs

after the jump

After the Jump

accidental creative

Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative

influencer podcast

Influencer Podcast



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