Young & Employed

In May 2015, after not knowing which color tassel to wear and losing my name card twice, I walked across the stage of the Auditorium Theatre to receive an empty folder and shake hands with people I was pretty sure I had never seen before. By July, that folder was occupied by a meticulously printed, $100,000 dollar piece of cardstock paper. I was now the proud new owner of a B.A. of Business and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Music Business. Now what? I spent the last four years earning my magna cum laude status and now the world was my oyster-or so I would like to believe.


Four years of college is hard. With full time classes, part time jobs and internships up to my eye balls I am surprised I survived most semesters. But now that the student chapter of my life was over, it seemed my book became a lot more difficult to comprehend. Adjusting to life post-grad is already a long, emotional process but the nebulous and at times excruciating job hunt was not any better. Luckily for me, I had a lot of experience under my belt and a few tricks up my sleeve which landed me a full-time, but seasonal, industry job only months after graduation. I had no idea what was next but thanks to the gods and a miracle (or lot’s of hard work and a bit of good timing) I landed the job of my dreams by the time halloween rolled around.


While my experience as a millennial, college graduate in a big city is on an upward climb, many of us are not so lucky. I may be young and employed, but my journey is nowhere close to over and I am ready to share anything and everything I have learned, thus far.


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